Lacquer Paint Nesting 3 Piece Coffee Table

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Lacquer Paint Nesting 3 Piece Coffee Table

Nesting Table, nourishing by combining different colors and forms and revealing the beauty of contrasts, is suitable for home and office use. It has high wearing comfort and is ideally sized for those who love minimalist style. You can host your guests and add to your home decoration with the Süje Zigon Coffee Table, which is made of solid wood material and surpasses the standard models. The first module of the Subject Nesting Table, which has three different sizes, has a width and height of 60 cm and a depth of 40 cm. The width of the second module is 54 cm, while its height is 58 cm. Its right depth is 40 cm and its left depth is 50 cm. The third (inner) module dimensions are 55 cm wide, 48 cm deep and 56 cm high.

Subject Zigon Coffee Table, which creates a hierarchy within its own structure by distorting its forms from different points, does not compromise on comfort. The design given by the contrasting aspects will attract the attention of those who see it. You can create your combination by using every part of the Süje Nesting Table as you wish.

Product sizes
1.module (outer) = width: 60cm / depth: 40cm / height: 50cm
2.module (middle) = width: 54cm / depth: right = 40cm, left = 50cm / height: 47cm
3.module (inner) = width: 55cm / depth: 48cm / height: 44cm

Material Information
raw MDF